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Knitting process
Perfect products through 24 hour inspection
We can provide the perfect products as all fabrics are inspected 24 hours a day through A.C.I.S (Automatic Computerized Inspection System) and L.I.S (Laser Inspection System). n addition, A.H.U (Air Conditioning System) for more efficient management keeps the air condition and temperature inside the factory steady.
01 - warping1
02 - warping2
03 - warping3
04 - drawing in
05 - knitting
06 - knitting
07 - finish
Dyeing process
Perfect products through 24-hour inspection
All the products are thoroughly inspected for each process with the latest computer system and the latest inspection equipment and each colored lot is inspected under a consistent condition system. Weight is measured by A.W.C.S (Automatic Weight Calculation System).
01 - pree setting
02 - dyeing
03 - final setting
04 - shipping